Friday, August 20, 2010

.He know's my name.

Why hello world!
So weird to  be getting back into the swing of blogging again!

Today I woke up at 7:30, hoping to get up and ready to pack my room up! Well, I had decided to sleep another ten minutes on my couch, but as you probably can already predict, that ten minutes turned into an hour. Oh well! It's summer and it was well needed! I was woken up by mom asking "Did you sleep here all night?" haha

Well today was spent exactly as planned. Packing up the room. Mixed emotions - excited to be moving on to college, sad to be moving away from my family. I'm not sure how I'll react yet when my fam drops me off at college on Wednesday!

So right now, I have a rubber maid container of clothes neatly put on hangers ready to explode sitting near my closet, a box with shoes puzzled together so that I can fit the max amount, my guitar, flute , and sheet music ready to go, and a desk piled with misc. things from my room to be boxed up. Tomorrow we will box everything up and attempt to see if everything will fit in teh van, just for practice. haha and to make sure I dont need to get rid of anything haha

Dinner at Granny's Buffet with the family was delicious. Enjoying the family time I get before I leave.

Ran out with mom for a little bit to get an iron, leggings, and a tshirt for my pajama shorts. haha

I watched a movie called Hellen Foster. It is about a girl who gets taken in and out of foster homes. Oh my heart just breaks for the kids that happens to. How blessed I am to have grown up with two wonderful parents. I pray that God will use me in the lives or foster and orphanage kids someday - so that they will realize they have a heavenly father who loves them far more then any earthly father or mother could ever.


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