Saturday, August 21, 2010

.never ever grow up.

The irony of today was that I packed up for college, then went to Chuck-e-cheese! haha I'm begining to realize more and more how I'm just like a child. Laugh at kid's movies and jokes, my favorite movie is UP, still love little kids snacks lke Animal Crackers and gold fish,  and still love going out and acting like a kid.

Packing today was just condensing everything into boxes. Tonight we did a test run of whether everything would fit into the van and............ It did! YAY! of course, there is no way I can bring one more thing! haha

This morning I sat and enjoyed coffee with mom while watching an episode of "Touched by an Angel." Episode made me cry... mom's good at picking those sort of shows or movies. haha =)

Tonight I got a text from Kristan asking me to come to Chuck-E-Cheese in a half hour and hang out. After finding coupons on the internet for free 20 tokens, and mom convincing Mark to give me his extra tokens and tickets, I headed over and met up with Christian, Shannon, and Kristan. Raudi eventually showed up. My favorite game is still Skee-ball! =) Love it! I'm still no good at those "push the button at the exact point to hit the jackpot" games.

Raudi came over after and helped my mom and I load the van. We then watched "Holes" while eating our Sour Skittles we bought with our tokens at Chuck-E-Cheese. They were delicious.

I'm going to go read my Bible a little before heading off to bed!
Goodnight my friends!
Live tomorrow as a blessing from God, ok?

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