Tuesday, September 28, 2010

.holy spirit's fire.

I sit in the silence and let the fire of your life lift my spirit, take all of who I am, and make me whole, to be at peace through the hurricane of life around me!
That's exactly how I feel right now after having an awesome worship night. That sums it all up. today was busy! going 9 - 9 with classes. I trust God in his big plan though. And I leave my stress to Him. I pray to see life in a positive life no matter what the situation, so instead of the negative, 5 positive things about my day...
1. I found my counseling psych class extremely interesting - relating what Freud says to modern times and finding his ideas not necessarily as extreme as what some people make them out to be.
2. Caught up with Alyssa tonight as we studied outside
3. Was encouraged in debate
4.my dorm room smells like apple-cinnemon
5. i started out the day with raspberry tea and drank 5 bottles of water in my new tumbler from Maurices... 

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