Wednesday, September 22, 2010

.300 sisterhood spirit!.

stress hit me today. I didn't do so hot on my first counseling psych test. so now there is a whole lot more pressure from myself to study study study! A little overwhelmed! But Jesus will get me through it!

Officially on the debate team now! Registered and all!

Studied with Carley at the Kirkland library for 4 hours. A good study period and got a ton done!

This evening was Perks 300 floor yearbook picture! Our floor got decked out in our floor colors of red and black! So much fun! =)

Student Activities Board meeting tonight! While most peopled skipped to watch glee, I had fun talking about GOTCHA and roomies! haha And afterwards a group of us went to Dennys and hung out! After dropping a couple people back off at the school so they could be studious, I went with Kristi and Dustin to hang out at the docks and just chit chat and laugh. Fun stuff =)

I've realized something. I need people. I love laughter! But the way that I am able to comfortably connect and eventually be able to be crazy with them - is by getting to know a person one on one. I don't know why. It's just a realization. I hope that I can grow to be more comfortable getting to know people in group settings.

Time for bed!

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