Monday, September 20, 2010

.day of joy in the light of God's directed path.

Here as I worship I simply stand in awe
of your majestic power
and overwhelming love.
The sky lit before
with colors of fire
a gradient of yellow, orange and red.

I stand at the top of the mountain yet again
full of joy
my mouth silenced from the smile you
stretch across my face
that disables me from speaking

I stand in your presence
overwhelmed by the clear instructions
you are giving me of life
My path set strait
and given direction from all that passed

Again and again
you assure me of your power
and the plan you have for my life.
Yet every time I'm still amazed
when I see your direction so clearly here.

You are mine oh God,
consume me like a fire
and pour your love on me
Let passion rain down
and the light of your life give joy to me
grace and strength
peace and hope
I am yours, forever more.


Monday's are packed for me. and it takes a lot of strength for me to stay positive through Mondays. But today my heart is filled with all expressed above.

I lost the campaign, but God's provided an awesome opportunity for me to join debate with a scholarship. So his will is done. And I've overwhelmed with peace and joy.

I finished one canvas I was making!

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  1. it's an absolutely beautiful canvas!