Tuesday, October 12, 2010

.natural yet different.

third post for the day! sorry! today my thoughts seemed to be going everywhere. Like I feel like I see every little detail... of personality and people mostly. Not bad though. I just observe.
And I feel like I've changed so much since arriving at college. I think for the positive.
I feel more outgoing.
I can't help but laugh all the time.
Even at the little stuff, or "Dad jokes" as Tim would put it. haha
I feel like I've gained so much knowledge just within the seven weeks I've been here.
I feel like I observe and have been building my strengths from Vision Quest naturally.
I see myself looking at my achiever trait as positive and actually finding myself soaking in material a little quicker.
I think that's because of debate and how I have to learn things quickly before I debate.
I see my desire to learn and try to look at that positively. I really really see my developer side.
My counseling psych class is actually somehow changing my perspective on people.
I have a desire to get to know people at a deeper level.
My "woo" side has kicked in and I've held it back so much this past few years that I never realized how people driven I am.
Even If I'm just observing people.
I love people!
No joke.
It's like an explosion of all this stuff that feels natural. Yet it confuses me cause it's different. Does that make sense at all?

Today I went on a hike to Tiger Mountain with Dustin, Tim and Alyssa. It's past Issaquah. Elevation 2,300ft. and we hiked about 7.5 miles. It was definitely a good hike. Not gonna lie, but I think my calves might be a little sore tomorrow. It was so beautiful! Weather was just cool enough! Sun coming through the trees perfect so the forest looked golden! Totally worth every moment of that trip! Loved it.

goodnight and God bless!

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  1. I totally understand how you're feeling. I started feeling like that beginning of this year. It's pretty awesome :D haha
    well.. I'm glad you're liking college! :)
    Miss ya! Hope we can talk sometime ;)