Friday, October 22, 2010

.value village and coffee cups.

//had french toast for breakfast
//tried earl gray tea and liked it
//worked on a paper
//kicked but in speech class by giving a speech on Royal Family Kids Camp
//went to coffee with Katie, Darla, Austin and Chris

//got asked to roomies - "on the way back from coffee, Austin turned on this song he made that asked me to roomies. =) It was sweet!"

//belt in my car snapped in the school parking

//took Carley's car to value village - "found an awesome outfit for tomorrow, a coffee cup and a glass jar glass. Made my day =)"

//worked on a paper

//went to value village again with Chris and Austin to help them find spirit stuff - saw them squeezed into clothes way to tight in there attempts to find some cool outfits. haha Not needed, but did get a good laugh. haha

//Cut up a yellow shirt for tomorrow's spirit day

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  1. I just like it how you drink tea all the time !! haha love it