Monday, November 1, 2010

.rainy joy.

Monday morning - POURING rain! But, it was a good day! I started the semester hating Mondays. They are long and boring. But I prayed that God would give me strength and that's exactly what He's been doing the past couple weeks! God is good!

Though a ton of things due this week, I trust it's all in God's hands. I feel encouraged and uplifted from Sundays message. The message really made me take to heart, because I knew before, that we can't live as Christ by our own will. We must ask God and truly give ourselves up to God before we can live as Christ did.

I used my umbrella today! I'm going to save to buy a cool big umbrella from an antique shop....

Asking for God's direction in my life...

This is my room. I haven't posted pictures since we've rearranged it, but here is my comfy corner!

Outfit for today:

Vest: vintage piece found at a thrift store
Shirt: Hollister
Necklace: handmade necklace from Nana
Pants: Black Skinny Jeans from Old Navy Cuffed
shoes: vintage pair found at thrift store

Thought I would share my vintage piece outfit today on my blog. haha =)

Have a fabulous week!



  1. You are just too sweet girl!! i <3 you!!

    <3 torrie!!

  2. i love this haha,, i like the vest A LOT!!!
    i am praying for ya babe !! <3 ya