Saturday, November 6, 2010


Woo! what an awesome day!

We have our second debate tournament this weekend! In Linfied, WA at Lower Columbia College.

We had two debates today. First topic - we should bring peace though negotiations in the Taliban in Afghanistan. Second topic - we should making misdemeanor fines proportionate to a persons income. We got a 2 on both debates! Which is exciting! Considering because we were getting fours at the last tournament. In case that you don't know what British Parliamentary debate is...

British Parliamentary Debate is very widespread, and has gained major support in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Africa, Philippines and United States. It has also been adopted as the official style of the World Universities Debating Championship and the European Universities Debating Championship (at which the speakers are given only fifteen minutes' notice of the motion). Speeches are usually between five and seven minutes in duration. The debate consists of four teams of two speakers, sometimes called factions, with two teams on either side of the case.
Because of the style's origins in British parliamentary procedure, the two sides are called the Government and Opposition, while the speakers take their titles from those of their parliamentary equivalents (such as the opening Government speaker, called the Prime Minister). Furthermore, since this style is based on parliamentary debate, each faction is considered to be one of two parties in a coalition. They must therefore differentiate themselves from the other team on their side of the case in order to succeed in their own right.
All speakers are expected to offer Points of Information (POIs) to their opponents. POIs are particularly important in British Parliamentary style, as it allows the first two teams to maintain their relevance during the course of the debate, and the last two teams to introduce their arguments early in the debate. The first and last minute of each speech is considered "protected time", during which no POI may be offered.
The judges place each team in a position from 1-4. 1 is like getting first place. 4 is like getting 4th place. You are awarded points according to each place you get, and you get speaker points (which tells you how your personal speaking abilities are).

So overall good debate day. Ended the night with an intense pillow fight with my debaters - Shelbe, Keary, Gui, Nikolay, James, and Justin!

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  1. um... Lower Columbia College is in Longview, wa, not Linfield. Sorry I'm nitpicking.