Monday, October 11, 2010

.thoughts to drain.

welp. I'm supposed to be studying. But I have a bajillion thoughts running through my head that need to come out first before I can concentrate. So....

1. This weekend at debate tournament at Lewis and Clark in Portland was awesome. I learned so much! I love learning. I love gaining the knowledge of what's going on, how it's affecting people, and understanding both sides of it. I love the competition. I love the opportunities I'm having to build with a team and to laugh at jokes that always seem to go one direction. To be with the team and debate, even in casual conversation, everything. Not argue necessarily. But debate. haha There's a difference in conversation. I love it. I got a 1 on our last debate of Israel and Palestine. I was so excited because we were only getting 3s and 4s. Plus it was a topic I had done a brief on and had felt like I had a thorough understanding of.

2. The other day I saw an Amber Alert above the highway and it made me really sad. My heart broke for the child in danger and immediately started to pray for the child. I got this picture in my head of a 5 or 6 year old girl, so innocent looking, yet scared. Sitting in the back seat of a vehicle. A man driving. And I felt like God told me to pray for her protection and that not one finger would be laid on her. I feel like this was the Holy Spirit because it was so clear and vivid. An Amber Alert has never hit me like that before and it made me really sad....

3. This morning walking into the Kirkland library I saw a video in passing that was "Pregnancy for dummies." Excuse me but if your dumb, then I don't think you should be raising a child!

4. That reminded me of all the foster kids and orphans and how badly I want to help them. And then that reminded me of how I wish I could be working now and be done with school. But it all comes with time. And it's all in God's timing. I just can't wait to see what God has in store for me.

Ok. I think my thoughts are now all out and I can now settle in on an entire day of studying. YAY! haha not...
have a fabulous day!

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