Friday, October 8, 2010

.exploding brain.

If I pack any more knowledge into my head tonight, or look at the computer screen, or type endlessly into search boxes any more tonight, my head just might explode! haha Today I had to write two briefs for my debates this weekend. The topics I had to write briefs about were
1. Israel and Palestine (dealing mostly with border issues)
2. Internet privacy

Why I choose such an intense topic for my brief I don't know... but I now have a pretty thorough understanding of the Israel and Palestine conflict when I went from knowing almost nothing about it this morning! Wooofta!

Tomorrow morning I leave at 8:30 for debate tournament in portland! I'm actually debating this weekend! yay! Excited for the most part! It's difficult though because you don't know the topic until 15 minutes before you debate. You then have to hope that you have enough information printed off on you, that you are able to  debate the topic thoroughly! We will see!

I had coffee with Katie this afternoon at Zoka's and enjoyed it! =) Coffee was delicious!

Received a surprise care package from grandma and papa today with homemade cookies, banana chips, and beef Jerky! mmhmm! =) And yes, papa, everyone thought your beef Jerky was hot, you should be proud. Thank you so much! It made my day!

It's now time for bed! Bag packed and ready to go!

oh! and choralons picture: =) 

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