Monday, October 4, 2010

.late night but good day.

Today I went to Mill Creak Four Square church with Tim. I liked it a lot! The pastor was really cool! He made his stance that we should love everyone. And that includes still accepting homosexuals in our church. Accepting them as in letting them come to church. Not accepting them as in their lifestyle. Because it's a sin just like any other sin. Sin is a temptation. I believe that if they are going to hang out anywhere, why not in the church where they can receive help and realize the plan God has for them. It's a place where Christians can help them with their temptation. That's my take....

After I went to a Mexican restaurant with him and his friends. Oh the food was delicious! They were cool people and I loved hanging out with them.

Found out Tim has my birthday! Just two years earlier! haha craziness.

Spent the afternoon studying studying studying!

Worked on the roomies poster with Alisha....

I also studied Counseling Psych with Nathan and felt totally accomplished with our study methods! Drawing pictures on the white board to relate to different things! I feel ready for tomorrow's test!

It's now 2:30am and bed time.... goodnight! 

oh... and yearbook pic got posted up on facebook! (woop perks 300!)

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