Sunday, October 3, 2010

vision trek!.

What an awesome day! We went out on our vision trek! While last night we learned about our strengths, today we went out and used out strengths! It was cool!

All of us car pooled down to downtown Seattle where we met and prayed before our adventure. We had a list of locations that we had to find in downtown seattle, and at each location, a team bonding type activity. After each activity we would meet together and discuss how each of our strengths were coming out and how they were interacting

Pictures will explain:

we started at .....
where we had to find sylvester's clue, and play bigger and better with a gold coin. we ended up recieving a brand new pair of socks a lady had just bought, and instead of trading them, we decided to give them to a homeless person. it was awesome!

 we then walked down to the gum wall....

 where we had to throw ping pong balls from a distance, bouncing them once, and have them stick on the peanut butter

 we then went to the symphony hall and had to complete some team challenges that involved nails!

 we then went to the highest point in the seattle library

 and then smith tower....
 where we had to work together as a team to build a pyramid with cups numbered in a certain order, AND some of us had disabilities....
like Carl not being able to use hands...
 like not having vision....
 and without being able to speak

 we took the Fairy to west seattle where we went up and overlooked all of seattle, then just had some alone time with God

overall, awesome weekend!

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