Wednesday, November 24, 2010

.shattered glass in two worlds falling elusivly to the ground.

Learned what a small world it is...

today I came home! wooo! classes were canceled, so the class I was planning on missing was especially not a big deal. haha Went on a snow walk with Carley this morning after sleeping in till 9! It was awesome!

Turkey Lunch in the caff.

Homeward bound about 2:00! I was thankful that God answers prayers and that the pass was clear. Rode with Alexis, her cousin, and her cousins boyfriend, and her cousins dad drove. Get that? haha

Raudi lied to me.... saying he was in Idaho. When the whole time he was in town. He picked me up. ahah

Dinner with the family and seeing the family was awesome! =)

Went to Amanda's house and saw some people I hadn't seen in a while. It was fun! granted took me four times backing into someone's driveway and trying to gain momentum back on the street and up the hill. But we made it! I love people.

now it's time for bed.

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