Monday, November 22, 2010

.i'm dreaming of a white monday.

And that's exactly what I got! A white Monday! What another glorious day! Woke up! Got ready for this day! Wasn't snowing when I got in the shower, and it was when I got out! I loudly announced to everyone that it was snowing and my room mate and I freaked out and started dancing and singing to Christmas songs!

Something peaceful about the white flakes falling from the sky. Slows the world down a bit. Reminds us to breathe and smile. Why can't people live everyday like this?

classes were empty. no one wanted to be in class on a snowy day apparently. that or they couldnt make it on the highway because they didn't have 4-wheel drive. ha! really?  this made me laugh.

snowball fight after APA with Tim, Crista, and a few others =)

Kicked butt (hopefully) on a new testament test.

laundry. packed for home. snow snow snow came down!

photo shoot in the snow with carley =)

made soup and cookies for dinner with carley!

sledding on cardboard boxes with Carley, Lyric, and Cristina.... found that yoga mats and garbage lids fail. lol it was fun though!

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