Sunday, November 21, 2010

.it's the most wonderful time of the year.

Carley's hair before, and Carley's hair after. Yay! She let me cut it today. My first time giving someone a haircut. lol I think it turned out cute. But I'm not sure whether she hates me or not because we ended up having to cut a little length off to even it out. lol

Good day.

Church was awesome as usual.

Pastor Elijah Waters preached today on "follow me." Talked about how sometimes we feel like we have to prepare for coming to Jesus. But really, we should just come to Jesus in the midst of all our troubles. We don't have to try to keep up with Jesus, because we are connected with Jesus. When we focus on our problems, then that's all we are able to see. When we focus on God in the midst of our troubles, then He just pulls us straight through it and our problem becomes a lot smaller. Don't focus on what your leaving, but where you are going with Christ. I thought that was really good. Because when we focus on Christ, everything around us seems less of a big deal.

I snowed a little, not sticking, this morning before church! It was awesome!

Vitaley fixed my car - when he pulled the clamp off the hose though, ir flew off and his me in the forehead. haha Now I have a nice bruise there.

Studied all afternoon for my new testament test.

Killed my hidden abs with P90X abs and my legs with another P90X workout.

and now I'm chilling. bout to go to bed.

Thanksgiving in a couple days!!! =)

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