Friday, November 19, 2010

.I'll be playing basketball with the president.

What an awesome Friday!
HAd two quizes that were fairly easy, so classes were good...
First time Choralons performing with the band and it was awesome to see it all come together!
Ate Chili with Carley and Cristina!

Concert time!!!
Went and saw Shannon Toomey play over at The Lab in Seattle with Carley, Cristina, and Britton. A small local show, but it was really fun! A couple other really good bands as well!

The Meteors
 The Missing Brick


 Bread & Circuses

{{My morning God time this morning - My random thoughts coming out of Psalms 6}}

My broken wall
Why do we try so hard to hide our emotions?
Like a brick wall standing tall and proud.
Appearing to be unbreakable and invinsible.

Yet David cried as he prayed for strength and healing
Job cried as his world around him crashed and shatterede.
And they rejoice when God showed his mercy and love.

Crying is weakenss of the hear,
Unable to stand the pressures of this world.
Yet my soul may not stand the pressures of this world
without the saving love and mercy of my heavenly father

To be in the presence of the Lrod on High
I must break the brick wall of pride and wordly strength
Let the Lord build his presence in place of that wall
which is by  far strogner then any other wordly barrier

So fall at my knees as the brick wall comes down
My pride going with it and my heart crying out.
No longer a sign of weakness
But the humility I bring to my God.


  1. I just saw your "about trafficking" link. Where did you find that? I think that is so cool and it just made my morning =]

  2. hey! I got a gift certificate for it from someone for graduation!