Thursday, November 18, 2010

.quirky turkey.

oh such a good day. A million good quotes I could put up here.

Carley, Cristina and I were talking
CARLEY: this tea is so good! It tastes like weeds!
ME: to go with your hemp drink? (*laughing*)
CRISTINA: ya, now just wait till she get's the munchies!
ME: (*laughing*) she was just complaining to me about how hungry she was today!
(*roaring laughter*)

Cristina and I go to Safeway to get Becca something to cheer her up after she didn't pass a test she needed to get into nursing school:
ME: Oh, well coolant is leaking so we could blow up if we run out"
ME: oh, and uh, I didn't get to fill up the gas tank the whole way last time...and my gas guage doesn't work... so if we run out of gas..."
CRISTINA: Why is your car clicking?
ME: oh it always does that... it's broken
ME: oh, and well the emergency break light, ABS light, and battery light are always on, so if we had a problem, we wouldn't know...but it's ok! That would be fun! Did I mention I don't have my contacts in?..
(*laughing at the irony*)

Cristina and I laughing in our room
ME: I feel like if we were to get drunk (which we don't drink, but just imagining) we would just sit here laughing! (*laughing*)
CRISTINA: and then Carley would be in her own world with her hemp and weed telling us to stop laughing at her

See! Great night! Well, I know you had to be there...but this is more for my sake so I can look back at this blog and laugh! =)

Quirky Turkey! The girl's dorms own little thanksgiving party! Rice Krispy turkeys, and paper hand turkeys with what we're thankful for!

What a good day. PS. I would never drink or do drugs. EVER. that's what was so funny about the whole situation.

A good day.

My outfit. And mom, I actually got compliments on my sweater. haha it's cool!

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