Thursday, November 18, 2010

.you stay the same through the ages.

So Wednesday! Woke up and got ready. Just I settled in my chair ready to have some God  time, power went out. Oh yay! Stayed out for the entire day until the Mr. Electric Company showed up about 3:30 and turned it back on. Yay! Internet was having problems too, but it's finally back up! Obviously!

Classes went well today! Found out I don't have debate or choralons next week so that's kind of a big relief. Some more time to work on things so I hopefully don't have to do anything over thanksgiving! I'm so excited to go home for thanksgiving! I love family and I love traditions! Cinemon roll and fliers tradition is by far the best  and I will carry that on with my own family someday.

GC tonight was good. Most important thing I got out of it was...

"Don't let your to do lists take over your life, or else you miss out on the other important things God has for you"

I thought that was really good. Something I'm striving towards and God is still working with me on.

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Time for Bed.
nighty night!

(outfit - Top: Khols // Necklace: Thrift Store // Bracelet: Antique Shop // Belt: Dress Barn // Skirt: Thrift Store // Tights: Target // Boots: Khols)

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