Wednesday, November 17, 2010

.my God is greater.

For two days in a row I have gotten everything I needed to get done done, and still have times to breathe in there. I account this all to the fact that I'm starting off each day with God. Seriously. Since I started my morning God time, everything just fits. And my schedule hasn't changed at all either. I really can't do it on my own. 

This morning I had my choralons narration tryout It went really well! There are other good speakers trying out too, so we'll see! It's whatever God wills.

Met with my Western Civilization professor to talk about the class and how I don't feel like I'm doing as well as I should be doing. He was encouraging and gave me study tips and a few pieces of advice. Though some I already knew, I needed to hear it again apparently. One, don't second guess yourself on tests! Two, only study in 20 minute blocks with a short break. The human brain can't focus for much longer. Boy have I been killing that rule!

Egg Nog Latte and Big Band Pandora Play list in Starbucks = successful study time! It was just perfect. The two combination that is. I'm falling in love with my new Pandora play list. It's so relaxing and let's me focus. New genre to ad to my favorites maybe?

300 family dinner - success

Walked around the entire outskirts of the campus twice while studying New Testament vocab for Fridays quiz - why didn't I remember this study tip worked so well for me?

Hung out with Dustin and some other people.


Earings (pearls): grad gift; Necklace: family; Vest: Khols; Shirt: JCPennys; Jeans: Silvers (Maurices); Shoes: K-Mart

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