Friday, December 24, 2010

.Christmas Eve.

Woke Up and finished mom's gift (which turned out awesome and I'm excited for it) and finished wrapping the rest of the presents! I love giving gifts! It makes me so excited for people to get them!
Used the Christmas flower corrine made for us last year that we wore at work! Put me in the Christmas eve spirit!
 I spent the morning helping mom get ready for Christmas Eve dinner. mmhmm it was AMAZING! Enjoyed helping to cook, but boy is christmas dinner a lot of work. ha  And I realized that after being around the smells and helping to cook the food makes you less hungry then if you just came to the table and ate it. Weird how that works. Maybe it's the testing of the food... that might be it too.

All our Christmas cookies on the counter are crazy! ha

Kipper sure enjoyed the bones he got from the prime rib. that was one excited puppy!

 Dinner turned out awesome though!

 It was a great day of family time! Helping in the kitchen and then watching Christmas movies with the family and going to Christmas Eve service! Remember that Christ is the real reason we celebrate Christmas. I think we can get so wrapped up (haha get it?) in the rush of the season and the expectations of the Holidays that so often we forget why were doing everything. I mean yes, most people know Christ is the reason, but do we celebrate that reason. That's where the difference lies. Without Christ being born we would be trying to live up to laws and trying to live a perfect life. And just based of the normal day to day struggles, that's impossible. We would all be in big trouble! Just the thoughts!

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  1. I look way too serious trying to get those popovers out of the fact, I look down right mean about it! Ha ha.