Saturday, December 25, 2010

.Christmas with a capital C.

Christmas it is! Day started out a little late this year... 6am! Normally its closer to 4am! But I think I can except the time change =) Tradition still continued of waiting at the top of the stairs with mark till I mom gave the "OK!"

I was so blessed this Christmas! I got a snowboard, a snowboarding jacket, new jeans, games and my favorite movie UP! And some other things! It never ceases to amaze me at how good my mom is at listening to subtle cues of things I need or like and then is able to buy them. It also never ceases to amaze me how much my parents bless me with! Though I would have been fine with just the snowboard, they choose to bless me beyond that. I mean I'm ok with that! lol I'm just thankful! Awesome parents. Not for what they give me, but how humble they are and how much they choose to bless me!

christmas breakfast was a Swedish breakfast! Swedish pancakes and all! Santa came! Letter was on the table =) I love my fam and I love traditions. Even if I am 18 and in college =)

Spent the day relaxing, watching Christmas movies, messing around with our Christmas gifts.

Finished my green scarf and happy with how it turned out! Also finished a fleece baby blanket. I know so many people who are pregnant! It's crazy! haha I guess I was in a crafty mood today! Excited to get started on knitting a blanket.

Opened my present I got in the mail from tim. Made my day =) Blessed to have a friend like him!

I thank God for sending his son. The perfect image of what love is. of what humbleness is. of what giving is. of what it is to be human created in God's image. to be in relationship with Christ. We so often miss the fact that Christ was born a BABY. a baby. meaning he grew up just like me. He was once 18. He experienced "elementary and middle" school of the day. Or at least that age period. How would it be to go through elementary, middle, and high school without sinning. To be so in tune with God's voice that you were able to live a sinless life. what a concept. Looking at this in a modern perspective. Because it's all the same. how blessed we are to be saved by such a man. Sent by a God who loves us.

Pictures are on a slide show today! Just trying it out. what you think? I'm not sure I like it. ha


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