Sunday, December 5, 2010

.paper inspiration.

Today's plan had consisted of snowboarding up at Stevens with Tim. But turns out he got the stomach flu. Such a bummer for him :( He's been sick all day! I'm sure we'll go some other time even after Christmas break, so that's not as much a big deal. Just a bummer he got sick!

Went to church though - feels like it's been forever since I've been to my church here and it was good to go again.

Spent four hours at Starbucks writing a paper for speech class. Finally finished it! Well the rough draft.... much editing to come. but that's not the hard part...

Came back, and Carley and I took a study break at Ben Franklin crafts where I took pictures of cool things I want to make!

And then headed over to Trader Joes where I bought couscous and organic milk. Mmmm. couscous reminded me of my sis Jayanah! Missing her!

I decided it was too difficult to steal milk from the caff, so I just bought some. And it wasn't much more expensive to just by it at trader joes while i was there. thought I would try organic and find out the difference. Tastes better I'd say, and a little thicker texture, but overall I wouldn't say a huge difference...

home again, and studied in the library. now time for bed!
nighty night!

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