Thursday, December 2, 2010

.take, take, take it all.

Writing to de-stress... AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what I feel like screaming right now. Really really overwhelmed. Semester's coming to an end and that's always how I feel when things end. Overwhelmed. That I might forget something, or mess up something, and ruin my entire chance. Despite the fact that I've scheduled out my studying and papers for the next few weeks, and I should hopefully be golden, I just wish it could all be done now, and that is why I'm stressed.

God I pray that you take my last few weeks of the semester. Calm me and bring peace. Give me strength. Running a 20 miles per hour and yet still not able to accomplish all. I'll only make it with you God, so take me, lift me up, and carry me through it all. There is no other greater thing then you God and I trust you. Because you show me your power time and time again - you always prevail.

God teach me a servants heart. Let my work and material things around me not have greater value then my relationship with you and then the people around me. Teach me not to hold on to the material things of this world but to just BE. To Be caught up in your presence. To know you are my God. To know that you will provide for me every step of my life. That you will direct me through your big plan. God I'm excited to do missions someday. Spark that passion though with a more clear and direct vision of what you have for me. Because I need that right now. I feel as though my excitement for school is dragging. Give me reasons to push on through schooling with a vision of a plan oh so great. I know you will bring all my passions to work towards one big passion. But God what is that one big passion?

 "Take these hands, and lift them up, because I have not the strength to praise you enough. For I have nothing, I have nothing without you."

"Take my voice, pour it out, let it sing the songs of mercy I have found. For I have nothing, I have nothing, without you.

All my soul needs, all your love to cover me, so that all the world may see, that I have nothing without you."

"Take my body, build it up. May it be broken as an offering of love. For I have nothing, I have nothing, without you."

"All my soul needs, all your love to cover me, so that all the world may see, that I have nothing, but I love you"

"With all my heart, with all my soul, with all my might, and all my strength, I am found..."

"Take my time here, on this earth. Let it glorify all that you are worth. I am nothing. I am nothing with out you."

-Nothing without You by Bebo Norman

That song came on just as I was typing and I felt the words were perfect, so I started to type them as the song went. May my schedules, may my lists, my plans, my thoughts, my life, be devoted unto you. Because it all means nothing, and IS all nothing, when God is in control. So calm my heart, make me whole, place your vision in my heart, with that passion, and replace mine.

Let my heart be still,
Let my heart be yours.

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