Monday, December 27, 2010

.shopping habit sneaking out.

Today a day! A rainy day, a sunny day, a cloudy day, and even a little bit of a windy day! Who knows... who knew living in the desert would mean such bipolar weather!

I remember my 15th birthday party. A survivor themed party suited the weather we got! That week (in April) we had like 100 degree heat and and our air conditioning went out. Morning of the party we were setting up and it was extremely hot. People started to arrive and we got high winds! So moved the party to the garage. then we got the rain. Then it stopped raining and we got really cold weather. All within the time of set up and tear down of a party! Good memory!

this morning I met with Nik Najarian for coffee just to catch up on life. Hadn't seen him in a long time!

After I spent a majority of the day running errands with mom! Got my jeans exchanged, set a sushi date with Gladys from my old work while buying a new shirt, bought a new pair of boots, ate at rosies 50s diner, picked up some chai tea and helped mom grocery shop at winco, and picked out glasses! Tried to convince my mom of these glasses... but she disagreed. I don't know why. Tim and my dad didn't think they were bad. lol

Ended up finding a pair of black ray ban glasses that are super cute and excited for. I have contacts that I'll wear all the time, but I can only wear them for so long during the day till my eyes start to hurt. So excited to be getting glasses. Turns out its buy one get one free! So I'm planning on getting ray ban sunglasses for free with my glasses. woo! =)

this is all the excitement of the day.

Learned that in Italy they call an oven a cooker...


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  1. actually the lady from Britain looking at the house called the oven a "cooker", so not sure what Italians really call it. But we do know that Italians call venomous snakes "aders". Way too nice of a name if you ask me.
    Ray Bans=way cool. 80's glasses=photos of you later in life that your children will look at and say, "I can't believe you ever wore those!"