Sunday, January 9, 2011

I could show the world how to smile I could be glad - all of the while I could change the gray skies to blue.

A good day. =) This morning I woke up to my disaster of a room and got ready for church. Yesterday I went to Tim's house to watch the Seahawks take the win (woooo!!!!!!!), hung out with his friends and family, and went bowling. So... I obviously didn't have a lot of time in there to unpack. But that's okay! totally worth it!

I'm determined this semester to make people my focus. That doesn't mean I'm going to totally slack on grades and studying, or not care about God. It means that I want to focus more on not rushing through my relationships with people. Because in the end that is truly all that matters. The influence on the world we had around us. The influence on the world we had around us through Christ. How many people's facebook could you pull up and tell me ten things about. How many "friends" do you have and do you try to be a true friend to them? Just a thought. Take a chance and get to really get to know people.

This morning at Church they showed a recorded sermon of Pastor Wendel Smith who passed away not to long ago. It was about worry. How we shouldn't worry and how we should leave everything in God's hands. It was a good thing to here at the beginning of the semester.

Went to the aquarium with Tim this afternoon! It was fun. Reminds me of how creative God is. Just how much more is out there that we don't even know about.

 After we went to his house where we played wii sports and he made fun of me the whole time. Whether it was my Granny Bowling technique, my lack of ability to hit a home run in baseball, my ability to loose at tennis, oh and my skills at putting. But hey, I did beat him at golfing!

Went to Outback's with him and his parents

Came back to my dorm where I finished unpacking, did some reading for tomorrow's class, printed off syllabus', and danced to some music with Cristina!  So good to see people finally back on campus. Makes me happy =)

Number 8 :: A picture that makes you laugh.


Number 9 :: A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

 My mom!

Daily Steps to Daily Resolutions:
God Time: yes
Stop Bad Habit: oh ya!
Work out: Nope

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