Saturday, January 8, 2011

.ya don't realize how much you have till your away from it a while.

Last day at home for break!
-running errands with mom
-Red Robbin =)
-too big of a dessert to finish at Red Robbin.
-Kaile's house to watch Charlie St. Cloud, Skype with mon, and catch up
-Back home to hang out with the fam! Watched dateline with mom.

Overall i'm going to miss my family going back to school. I know my mom will deny the fact that I'll miss them. But I really will. I love my family. I'll also be missing my best friend Kaile! Surprisingly I think we've gotten closer since we've both gone to college. I guess being away from those you love makes you realize how much you really do love them.

Just found out the pass is requiring chain's to get over it. Hopefully it will stop snowing and clear up a bit by the time I'm ready to go tomorrow and get to the pass. Praying! I'd like to get back to hang out with Mr. Tim a little bit!

Number 7 :: A picture of my most valued item
 These are the pearls that I got for my 18th Birthday. They were my mom's as well as my grandmas. Pearls are my favorite. They remind me of family and I love wearing this necklace.

Daily Steps to Daily Resolutions:
God Time: yes
Stop Bad Habit: oh ya!
Work out: Nope

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