Thursday, January 6, 2011

.packed up.

Today went from being a day that wasn't full to a full day very quickly! Went to get my trial contacts and was supposed to have an eye exam to check the lens tomorrow. But apparently they accidentally scheduled it for today. So it worked out that I got to the eye doctor 10 minutes before my exam was supposed to be. Lens didn't end up working out so now I'll have to wait to get a left contact lens that stays in place till I come back for the summer in May. I've made it this long with this lens, I'll be just dandy. I depend on my right eye to see anyways. I did get to go pick up my glasses today! I'll post pics later. Ray bans. woot woot! I've been so used to my contacts for the past 5 years, with a left lens that has never stayed in place (therefor as if I didn't have a lens in), that it made me a little motion sick to have everything so clear and vivid! It's amazing! World is so bright. I'm amazed people can see that clear without vision problems. Seriously!

Got home and cleaned the inside of my car. The pine needles that filled my car are now gone! woo!! They rest in peace within the vacuum.

Packed up so I can spend tomorrow running errands and hanging out with the fam and Kaile. I'm amazed at how much my pile expanded from when I came home from break. My explanation: I'm packing back up my winter clothes I brought and adding Hawaii clothes for February. That's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it!

I continued to read through Genesis today in my God time. I'm taking Old testament this next Semester so my goal is to read through the whole Old testament during the semester so I can get more out of it. As I read through it now, I'm finding lots of questions. I'm very curious as to who Cain married. Because Genesis tells us that Adam and Eve were the only humans on earth without a physical mother and father. And Eve had three children withing Genesis 1-5. So who did he marry? Who else was on earth if Adam and Eve were the only people God created without a physical mother and father? Just thoughts. When I find an answer I'll post it up.

Ok, time for bed!

Number 6 :: A picture that makes you laugh
 Ok, so it's more or less a series of events that make me laugh. January of last year Kaile, Jayanah and I spent a day walking around Downtown Kennewick, going to the playground of dreams and riding our bikes around. Deff a day full of laughter.

I'm reminded of how we parked each of our bikes in a parking spot at DQ to get ice cream.

 this was before Jayanah's failed attempt to order through drive through on her bike.

A random day indeed.

Daily Steps to Daily Resolutions:
God Time: Genesis 4
Stop Bad Habit:yup yup
Work out: Nope :: unless cleaning your car is considered a workout :/

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