Thursday, January 6, 2011

.to have life breathed into you.

Today started off with some God time. The story of Adam. How beautiful is the image of God breathing into man. Like literally breathing breath into his creation. Like a craftsman blowing sawdust off of his completed creation. Life started with a purpose. To the craftsman the table he just made has the purpose of holding food, being a place where the family comes together to share memories and laugh. All just from a table hand made by a craftsman. I get that same image of God. Saying, alright i've created you in my image, this is who you are, now breathe and let your life be beautiful. I love that! So wonderful.

Went and saw the movie Yogi in 3D with the bro. We were the only one's in the theater (obviously) so we enjoyed the camera while we waited for the movie to start!

A pretty overall general day with nothing to exciting

Number Five :: A picture of your favorite memory:

The amusement park we had a pass too in North Carolina. Lot's of good memories here!

Daily Steps to Daily Resolutions:
God Time: Genesis 2 & 3
Stop Bad Habit: YESSS!!!
Work out: Yes --; 45 min walk

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