Wednesday, January 5, 2011


 Today today! Got up and got ready then went for another 45 minute walk. So relaxing. Time to think and just reflect on how beautiful life is!

Today I worked on a Business card and flyar for my photography work. Critiques are welcome for my business card. So far I am planning on changing the image. Colors will probably change with that a little as well. I like where it is headed though

So turns out that my memory was completely full on my computer so I ended up going and buying an external hard drive at costco that was portable and I could just put all my pictures on it. I have over 106GB of pictures not including any middle school and earlier pictures!

I've felt vintage and interior design inspired lately so while watching a movie I created this "living room." haha The three images are of Italy and would be large print canvases above the red couch. the entire room would be themed around travel and the colors within the images. I like how it turned out. Seems cozy to me!

I have been brought much joy lately by one specific addition to my life. I'm just going to leave it at that =) Just the thought makes me smile.

I could write so much more tonight! had a good God time this morning. But I'll have to write about it another night because it's late and I'm tired!

Number Four :: A picture of my night

Yes... When I performed live for all to see with my Ukulele skills. Ok, not really. The night Kaile, mon and I just hung out on Wakiki beach at a night on which they were having a street festival type thing. It was so fun! That whole trip was fun, but for some reason I remember this nigh well.

Daily Steps to Daily Resolutions:
God Time: Genesis 1 and Psalms 136
Stop Bad Habit: No but closer then yesterday
Work out: Yes --; 45 min walk

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