Sunday, January 30, 2011

.life as of recent.

Life as of recent has been incredibly blessed. I can't even begin to explain how much! I feel as though the place I am at in life is all about trusting God, hearing the voice and the Holy Spirit and reaping the blessings he gives me as a result of listening to His still voice.

Spiritually :: right now I am at a place where I am just longing to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit all the time. I have been blessed with the gift of discernment and I hope to never take advantage of that. To be able to grow stronger and stronger in this gift is so exciting. It's like getting a major adrenaline rush every time I hear the Holy Spirit just speak to me so clearly. I remember during one of the classes for YWAM in Mazatlan one of our leaders was talking about how his wife was so in tune with God's voice that it even came down to what she would wear that day (joking, but you get the point). I remember thinking how much I long to be like that. Ever since that it has been incredible to be able to hear God's voice more and more. I've seen God work in amazing ways in my life so far, and I know that he can literally do anything. I know that if I ask, he will respond. That also mean's listening. But I want to see God in action. I want to see prayer's answered and I want to hear God's still voice bring to rest my noisy thoughts.  

I want that to result in an unexplainable amount of Joy. To see joy in all areas of life. To not take advantage of anything and to not stress about the things that don't truly matter. This is what I'm expecting. and I can't wait to see God do these things in my life. To see things beyond this that I can't even imagine.

People :: Ah where to start. I am an extrovert and I thrive off of a good conversation with people and hearing about what's going on in their lives. To hear how God's working, or to be able to pray with them when they are struggling. Lately I have had the opportunity to do this a lot.  Four times today actually. This makes me feel incredibly blessed! People are such a blessing to my life.

Christa and I talked today and are looking forward to possibly getting an apartment next year. I love this girl.

Tim has been such a blessing in my life lately. He's challenged me a lot. To think and pray. To seek answers from God and I think it's part of the reason of where I am spiritually today. He spoils me through little things and I hope that I can bless him in abundance in return!

Major :: I've questioned a lot lately as to what God has in store for my major. I have this unsettling feeling about Psychology. But the feeling of the unknown gaps makes me nervous. I've mentioned my dreams a lot on here. I'm a passionate person and when God places something in my heart I'm going to follow that passionately. My dream is to start a Christian non-profit for foster kids. I don't know how it's going to happen yet. 

I did get a volunteer position as a receptionist at "Treehouse," an organization for foster kids in Seattle that I am really excited to start volunteering for. I feel like that will lead to good insight and connections and allows me to connect to the things I love.

In my intro to human comm class I got really excited the other day when they started talking about some of the projects students are doing for graduation. People are starting their own companies and businesses just based off the knowledge they've gained in college.

I guess I've been thinking of Comm as a major. This whole year actually. But the unknown scares me. What if my non-profit doesn't work out and I don't end up working with foster kids. Just end up working for another organization. What if I can't find a good job after college. What if I'm not good at it. People think of the comm major as something easy and general and without a purpose. All the what if's and the questions. I could use some prayer and guidance for this. Separating my heart from God's will.

Oh by the big dream of the organization God has given me makes me so stoked! And Getting to volunteer at treehouse really makes me happy! They even have an internship for media and communications there that would give me a lot of knowledge of running such an organization. And that really excited me when I find out about this! Though the internship is quite up and ready for someone yet, something to keep in mind.

Feel's so good to get all my thoughts out tonight. I'm happy. And I'm stoked to continue to hear God's voice over and over!


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  1. There's a neat quote to think about, God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called. So, this doesn't mean to quit school & start seeking funds for your non-profit, but it does remind that we shouldn't worrry and agonize about the details. Do your best as God leads, and in His time you will discover the next step for your journey. Hugs!!