Monday, January 31, 2011

.interior inspired.

Rue :: A cool online magazine with neat interior design and fashion inspiration that one of my favorite singer/songwriters (A Fine Frenzy) posted up on her facebook!

There is even a blog that has more ideas, recipes, and neat videos! A lot of the inspiration for room designs is taken from outfits with stand out pieces, pictures, art, ect. (Rue Blog)

Just found this site cool and thought I would share it! 

Today was a relaxing day! My Christian Thought class was canceled due to my prof being sick and we got the day off for Choralons. So I had the opportunity to just go sit at the waterfront and read. It was really uplifting. And I love people watching. You can learn so much by simply watching people. Today I learned the significance of adults setting aside work or their adult perspective to enjoy being a kid again with their children. To notice the little things that their child recognizes and use that as a reminder to take joy in everything.

Had the opportunity to sit in on a Q and A with David Brody, the CBN News White House Correspondent. He has met some incredible people and had awesome opportunities. It amazed me how strong of a christian he was and how he implemented his faith in his work. He accounted everything he has done to God. He was really inspiring and a good reminder to be humble, have integrity, and be true. (A little bit about him)

I worked out this evening, studied and prepped for debate. Found out I get to train for my receptionist volunteering position tomorrow morning. I'm really excited for that!

It's time for bed now! 

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  1. Great post! Thanks! Feeling uplifted. Your energy is such a boost to others!