Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Woke up to the sound of rain and got ready! Walked up to the building of my first class with my cup of coffee and settled in a chair in the lounge area for some God time. It was about an hour before class so no one was there yet. So the change in environment and the quietness was a nice switch up. Read Matthew 11 which talked about John the Baptist. I think it's amazing how God uses those you would least expect to be the norm for such a position. The people God uses  to fulfill his plan are not those with the most wealth or with the best clothing. No. the people God picks are those who are ordinary to less then ordinary according to culture.

So just a thought. Every time we reject someone. For their looks, their clothes, their skin color, race, wealth, whether they are sitting on a street corner begging for money, they show up at your door step. We could be rejecting part of God's awesome plan. If we rejected John because he lived in the wilderness with uncomfortable and not popular clothing and ate little food, we would have rejected the prophet from God. We can never know who needs us at a given moment. It's almost as though if we deny someone else, we are denying to welcome Christ in.

Started reading The life you've always wanted which is part of my Christian Thought class. First chapter alone and I really like the book. It has reminded me that every moment of our life should be spent with God. Not just the prayer time, the quite time, bible reading time, or church time. No - God is around us constantly, it's just a matter of acknowledging the fact that God is there with us. Every moment of our life is a gift from God. Each moment will make up the big life God has for us. Why not make the most of each of those moments?

Worked out today with Cristina. Such a good workout!

Floor Meeting =)

Studying and busy day tomorrow with debate! =)

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(A fine frenzy)

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