Friday, February 4, 2011

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Thursday went from being pretty empty to full quickly! A good day though!

Woke up 10 min before class and yet again proved my amazing skills at and getting showered and ready and showing up to class in time! This is a talent I take pride in. Though being someone who doesn't like to be running behind, I don't like to show it off very often!

After classes, I worked out and got ready to meet the Chinese National Debate Team. We are hosting them until the 7th and have the opportunity to debate against them several times. Their names are Kay, Cindy and Tiger. They have very good English! We had a show debate open to the school for impromtu speeches and had the opportunity to just sit and ask them questions. It was very interesting and insightful. One question asked was what were your (honest) views of american's before you came. They were that we were overweight, the streets had men with guns and gangs (like in the movies) and everyone was rich. I could see how those could be portrayed and even how some of those would be true.

Tomorrow I debate the Chinese National Debate Team at Microsoft at 11am followed by a Debate against them at Kirkland city hall at 7. The city Hall one is open to all and I would love to see your smiling faces there!

For more information about their visit here, Click Here.

This evening I went to SIX19 art gallery with Tim (excited that he came with me!). It's a cool place in Seattle with 6 floors where artists of all types rent out spaces to work. The first Thursday of every month, the building opens up free to the public for artists to show off there work. Each artist is expected to have some sort of new display for each month's show.

I went because Ross James Photography (who did my Senior Photos) was displaying one of his new projects! It was really cool! I really enjoyed talking to Melissa and Ross for a while and to find out how they are doing! They're were a lot of awesome artists too.

I also ran into Colleen Clement there who I have not seen in a couple years! Good to see her again and say hi!

Here is the site to the gallery

time for bed now! Big Debates. Goodnight!

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