Sunday, March 13, 2011

.reach right up and touch the skies.

"Walking around downtown right through the crowd and it's alright, its okay. When I here the sound of all the wondrous things around this old town today. And I wonder how I'm so blessed to live a life of happiness in this world of possibility. And it's a great day to be alive. Reach right up and touch the skies...."
Last night I ended up staying awake and watching the movie "Listen to your Heart" on Netflix. I sure hope that doesn't get addicting! The movie was awesome amazing even with the bittersweet ending. Would recommend this chick flick. Ended up buying the soundtrack. The lyrics above are to the song "Great Day" and I think they are so true. Love it. 

Today was a bike ride with the family! Fifteen miles total in pretty nice weather. Started with DQ (yum!) and ended with a push to ride up steptoe in the wind and coming of a storm front. It was good to spend the time with the family though! 

Possibly found a free love seat from IKEA on craigslist tonight that would work well in my possible apartment next year! 
Watched "Like Dandelion Dust" based on the novel by Karen Kingsbury with the family.
Now time for bed!  
Don't forget. Set clocks an hour ahead tonight!  
Feature for the night :: several vintage decorating ideas 
-Using an old Steamer Trunk for storage of blankets and extra linens.
 -I like the idea of a 50s style kitchen with appliances. Here is a phone and fan that would match this theme.

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