Sunday, March 6, 2011

.choralons tour day 2.

Blog Slackin!

Sorry. Been slacking on a commitment that I have been trying to keep! So It's day two of the choralons tour! Exciting! I'm excited to see the changes God has in the hearts of the people who come to watch and worship with us. I'm especially excited for the Juvenile center we are going to and get to sing at!

This morning was a good morning. Slept in,biked in the fitness center here at the hotel with Ilona and Stacy, got ready, had breakfast, had God time, edited engagement pictures, and read more of the book "captivating."

God's word was good this morning. It was about rest. I've felt so drained lately. Physically, spiritually, and mentally. I feel as though it's hard to give out anymore right now because I've invested everything I can into all the things I'm doing. This is even affecting my outgoing-ness towards people because I'm just lacking the energy and feel tired.

Hebrews 4 - almost the entire passage is about rest.

(verse 7) "So God set another time for entering his rest, and that time is today. God announced this through David much later in the words already quoted: 'Today when you hear his voice, don't harden your hearts.'"

Rest comes in more then the form of sleeping and sitting and being still. Rest comes from God's voice. Letting him speak into your life and rejuvenate your soul. Being calm enough and casting everything over to God, stop worrying about it all, long enough to here his voice. that's where I'm at. Trying to be still enough to hear God's heart when I feel restless. Like I'm swirling around unsure of what God has for a summer job, for my major, how he'll get to this big dream of his that he's given me. I know it will happen. I have faith in that. But it's a matter of not knowing how. I'm wrestling with my spirit and my brain right now as to be still or go with my own actions.

Praying for stillness long enough to hear God's voice. To give it all to him.

Tonight at the choralon's concert a good majority of the girls got money stolen from their purses that were in the girl's dressing room. The doors had been locked, but there could have been a back door or it could have been picked. Not sure if it was someone within the choir or from the church. I lost $16. bummer, but it's not so much a big a deal that I lost the money. It was the fact that it happened all together. Trust. Praying that it wasn't someone from the choir and if it was that they will have the heart to be honest and come up forward with it. Some girls lost up to $150. Devil can't take us down though. God's got big plans for this tour and nothing can stop that.


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