Tuesday, April 5, 2011

.Wal-Mart Views.

Alright....It's time to revamp the blog! Obviously my blog is no longer driven by motivation to write daily. But I'm determined to find something that will be new and interesting to the blog. Since I'm into lists, here are some ideas and what each area would be like...

the daily thoughts ::
What a wonderful day! So today I got a call from the man in charge of hiring people for enterprise car rentals. Though the internship is in the Tri-Cities, he is out of Renton. So, he asked me to come in for an interview on Thursday! Such a blessing! I amazes me that every time I give up something to God, everything seems to fall into place. Whereas I was stressed a bout finding a summer job, ect, when I gave it up, I got my job back at Maurices for the summer and I get a call for an interview for a paid internship! God is good!

I volunteered at Treehouse and didn't have much to do. So I was productive and got a lot of homework done!

god thoughts ::
Cadre tonight (or small group) with my city church girls! I was reminded tonight that risks God has us take can be small or they can be big. God's risk for me next year is not setting myself a plan of action for activities I'll be involved in. I know God has spoken to me about it being a time of setting priorities straight - getting involved in church, creating community, and working. I'm really excited for this. It has been a challenge to turn down several things I enjoy doing, but I know God has bigger plans then what I can see or Ir I were to limit it. 

online feature of the day ::
A craigslist spot out in the antique section in Eastside Seattle! A beautiful, large, antique Viennese sideboard/hutch from the 1800's. Granite serving counter. Many shelves inside and outside there is a lion's head carved on each side. There is an additional pull-out shelf below the granite counter for serving. This piece really makes a statement! Good condition. Selling below market value - priced for a quick sale.

funny observation ::
So today while volunteering at Treehouse, the lady who sits at the reception desk with my stated "Today was the 2nd time I've ever been to Wal-mart before. Wow, they have everything!" HAHA

This is a really funny observation to me, considering Wal-mart has been such a huge part of my life. Yup, grew up shopping at Wally world. If you need to get groceries, or it's pay day... you go to Wal-mart. I meen I live in the Tri-Cities where there are 3 Wal-marts!

 And to think people in Seattle hardly EVER shop there. Missing out on a huge part of their growing up years and a shopping experience, that's for sure.

Maybe I'll at first start trying each area out. I'm interested in using another blog site even to mix it up. Let me know if you have any ideas for one!


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