Tuesday, June 7, 2011

.a life lesson.

I want to express stories of life that capture the beauty that radiates from man kind. To often I live day to day hearing about the negatives of each man surrounding me. What about the positive? What about the underlying being of each and every person that leads to an aching to be someone bigger then themselves, to know that there is something greater then themselves. It's in every person, culture, being... life. Just not everyone has realized it.

It's easy to forget the beauty that life sets before you. To forget that the blessings are blessings. To forget that alone we lack love. And to lack love we don't know ourselves. Because we were fashioned through love. Every part of our being is love. From our soul to the very outer layer of our skin.

To love we must give up fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of familiarity. Fear of losing control of our physical world and our being. In all reality, if we give into fear, then we lose to life. Fear doesn't let us love, and it doesn't let us be loved.

To say the least, my mind will never fully comprehend the beauty that is set before me. I will constantly struggle to give up fear and take on love as life. But it's worth that risk. And I will daily cease the beauty and life that is set before me. Allowing it to captivate me and learning how to be captivating.

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