Thursday, May 26, 2011

.life as of current.

Been a little long since I've been on the blog! Who knows whether this is a sure sign of whether or not I'll be back, but I'm back to blog today. So it's summer. I'm home in Tri-cities! Back at the old job, Maurices. Now moved into my brothers room and he now has my room. My amazing boyfriend, Tim, is four hours away in Seattle and I am missing him! He comes this Sunday for two days and I'm stoked! I got a letter from him today in Snail Mail and it made my day! None of my close friends are back from school yet. And I've spent my first few weeks of summer editing pictures for Max and Julia Mooney's wedding. I'm happy with how they are coming so far, but the more and more I continue on with photography and editing, the more and more I desire a new camera and a photoshop version (CS5) newer then the Adobe Photoshop 5.0 that I have. But these things will come with time. As does everything.

I've been a little down lately and I've slowly been finding out different reasons. Last night was a good revealing God time. I'm still slowly reading through the book "Captivating" and I felt like I was supposed to go back and read the last chapter I had read, which I had ready a while ago.

The book gave me the verse:

"Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters... Listen, listen to me, and what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare." - Isaiah 55:1-2 

It broke me. I've been seeking. Seeking for a while. Seeking the dream God's given me. Seeking the desires of my heart. Seeking the ideal image and the material things that I want. Seeking the ideal future. Seeking so much that I forgot to put God in all of this seeking. I was reminded that FIRST I must seek God. He is the source of water, strength. When I feel dry, he gives me hope. This pure and fresh source of life. If I drink from it, then he will guide me to the desires of my heart, beyond those of which I can imagine. It's like I'm trying to run across to the other side of a desert without water all on my own, and a limousine filled with water bottles offers to take me there - and I ignore that limousine of life. That would be pretty stupid.  Ok, so following God doesn't guarantee me a life of ease, but it guarantees me water, life. It guarantees someone who already knows the direction, God. 

And if I chose to climb in, my breath can slow from running and I can relax. And peacefully be guided by someone so full with grace that takes me back in after I keep wanting to jump out. So I realize lately that I'm seeking on my own. When all I need to be doing is seeking God, so I don't have to try to figure out this crazy thing called life on my own. That's refreshing to be reminded of that. It's gonna take a little bit to completely give it up. But I'm taking this time to find my strength from Christ again. When I feel weak. 

So there it is. My life as of now.
Here are a few pictures from the edits so far!

This is it for the night. G'night!

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