Tuesday, January 24, 2012

.baba yetu.

So I got a new design up on my blog title as you can see! I'm really happy with how it turned out. Why did I pick this?
"Passion be Joy" - God has given me two of the most wonderful gifts. Passion and joy. Passion for the life and people around me. For the dreams he has placed in my life. Passion is this indescribable feeling that burns within me that gives my life each and every day.

Joy is my happiness that defeats worry and negativity.

My passion is joy.
My joy is passion.
Think about it....

Today was wonderful. Back to classes, cleaned apartment, made some Mac and Cheese for Tim and I and went to evening class. Worked out with Tim at school and now home and doing some homework, completing scholarships, and sending out a few important emails.

I am constantly reminded how much I love doing life with Tim. Even though I was cleaning and he was studying today when he was over, I enjoyed his company. I enjoyed making dinner for him. I enjoyed working out together and laughing together. I'm very happy with where we are in our relationship and the joy he brings my life! =)

We watched this cool video on Social Media in 2011. It's very interesting and I recommend you watch it (even the music is amazing)! How impacted we are by the network we've created online... What do you think? Is it positive or negative?

Have a goodnight!
Liz Rose

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