Sunday, January 22, 2012

.beautiful wool coat.

I'm excited because I just got the email confirmation that my new wool coat has shipped! =) I got it on sale at Ann Taylor (work)! It's a classic that I think will last me a long time. And from my understanding, people who have had Ann Taylor coats before have said they hold up really well... It's the wool double face belted coat. I would link you to it on the site, but they have sold out of it online!

A fantastic day today. Went to the City Church here in Kirkland and was challenged incredibly by Pastor Chelsea Smith this morning. She challenged us to ask for more then what we deserve. She showed us in scripture where God says all we need to do is ask.Chelsea said that while she was praying for her kids she realized that she was praying for things that put her in the middle... so if she messed up, then her kids wouldn't get what she was asking for. As in, "I pray that I can be a good mom so that my kids can grow up well." She explained that she was putting all that pressure on herself. God showed her that she needed to pray for more then what she deserved for her children. So instead to pray, "God give me children good health." She challenged the entire congregation to do the same thing in our own lives. To pray for more then what we deserve, knowing that God is a faithful and loving father. And be specific. God tells us if we want something, ask. When we pray "God help me to get that job," we are still leaving space for our control and opportunity for ourselves to get in the way. When you ask, "God please give me job xxx with a pay higher then I have at the moment" you are believing that God will do this for you. I took this as a challenge onto myself! I'm excited for the new opportunity to grow...

Liz Rose

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  1. I am so glad you're blogging again. I miss you dearly.