Saturday, January 21, 2012

.freedom process.

I look back to 2008-2010 and I was extremely inspired by those around me. Everyone had some incredible story that taught me something. It gave me excitement for each day. Joy and compassion. Here I am in 2012 trying to find a source of inspiration when I think what I need to learn/find is inspiration from myself. I want my inspiration  and passion to be sourced to my soul, that's thriving in God's presence. And in return, I want to inspire others.

It's easy to back off and hide thoughts and beliefs because you think that people might consider you radical. Radical in your faith if you raise your hands in chapel or church. Radical in your hope if you are always positive and looking to make the world a better place. Radical meaning extreme, too much, more then necessary, crazy. As embarrassing as it might be to put this thought out in public, I think I lost some of my passion when I started to believe and let people's critical thoughts of "radicals" get to me. Sad in a sense that I am allowing the thoughts of someone else compress my passion and excitement.

I'm needing to be freed from this cage that I've locked myself in. And I'm asking God to free me and take all fear of stepping back out.

A very vulnerable position I put myself in by posting this, but I think this has to do with part of the freedom process. I'll be defeating fear.
Liz Rose

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