Thursday, April 19, 2012

.fears, perseverance, hard work and strength.

Do everything to your fullest and to the best of your ability - that way even when you may fail, you can live without regrets and the what ifs. 

I've been trying to summarize up my thoughts for sometime and after the social venture competition today, this is what came to mind. This is me trying to be all poetic and writing quotes. While competing in the social venture competition, we put so much effort into our project. I pulled a couple almost all-nighters and there were moments where we were all very frustrated and felt like giving up. But we kept going. And we came up with this awesome business plan to start a day care in Russia. I would tell you about it, but I've talked about it so much the past few weeks in our competitions that I don't thing it will make sense if I try to explain it now.

As the result of all of our efforts, we got first place in the board room presentation! Woop woop! So incredibly happy with my team. On the other hand, we went to SPU and didn't win a thing. And that's okay. That's how I came to my thought. When you put all you can into something, even if that may not be very much at the time, there is no room for the what ifs to fill in your life. I mean you if you are truly mentally and wholeheartedly putting all your effort into something, I think it's impossible to have what ifs.

The what ifs come into play when you have more than one route that could be taken - and you take the route that avoids facing fear. To accomplish greatness, even if greatness ends up being a failure, you must conquer fear. Stop it from stopping you. Fear can be our greatest enemy. Fear can constrain, defeat, trick our minds our of success and learning new things. Wow, miss out on all of that for fear? Fear doesn't mean that you are facing an armed bungler in your house - nah it doesn't have to be that intense. Fear can appear in your life in as simple of ways nervous that you'll be embarrassed, that your idea or project isn't good enough, that if that plan doesn't work out, you'll be set on the path of failure for the rest of your life. It can be fear of being tired. Of putting out all this effort and having it result in nothing magnificent. Your fears are what leads you to the what ifs. The question of how things would have been different...

But when you knock out fear in your life, what do you get? The opposite. You get humility, perseverance, opportunities to meet great people  who have done great things. You get a new way to create a business. Or  you find out a method that does not work. You get confidence as you learn to refine your own strengths. When you conquer fear, there is no room to question what would have happened if you had gone another route. The other route would have continued you on your normal path - not a new grand adventure with excitement and life and people full of knowledge. Opportunity. You tried. You learned. You gained. You discovered. When you put all of your effort out, that is what you get.

With fear comes regret, and with regret comes what ifs. With perseverance and hard work comes lessons and new insight. And with new insight, new opportunities to create and let your mind be set wild with creativity. Wonderful huh?

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