Thursday, June 21, 2012

Air Feels Like Camping

If there is one thing I love about my complex is that it's in a little forested area. When I walk outside in the mornings or evenings, or open my windows at night, I get the fresh air that smells like camping. There is a distinct smell in the air when the sun is just right and you are surrounded by trees with moisture in the air. I love that smell. It's so welcoming to adventure and relaxation.

I'm trying hard to get my apartment done before my family get's here on Friday. I finished my room today! - but I've also shoved a lot of random things to the closet, which I have not gone through yet. I'm waiting to post any pictures until they come up and see it for themselves.There is so much spaced compared to my last place! It's wonderful!

Exciting news! My boss gave me permission to work more hours (35) if I want. So I've decided to do that through the rest of the summer. I feel like this will really allow me to start saving. God's blessing!

Two Random thoughts for the day:
1) Never again will I leave work at 5pm again. I sat on Lake Washington Blvd. for 45 minutes. A drive that should have taken me 15 minutes, took me an hour

2) Seattle is #3 in the nation for healthy skin! This was concluded from a survey by Daily Glow. You can find the article here: This does counter a Time study in 2006 that said more people in WA state had melanoma compared to other states. According to the Washington State Cancer Registry, for the years 2006-2008, King County had the state’s 10th highest rate of melanoma cases per 100,000 people.

cup of hot water
Ever frustrated by how your skin looks after a workout? Daily Glow posted an article on how to "Look Good without makeup." they recommend taking vitamin C about 30 minutes before you work out, to minimize the production of free radicals, “Vitamin C takes about 30 minutes to dissolve in your system and activate. So while you're exercising, you’ll have full vitamin C protection for your body's cells. In other words, your workout will be good for your body and your complexion.

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