Friday, June 1, 2012

finding a dwelling & a home.

From DIY blogs, to pinterest, to other crafty sites -- it's amazing how much is out there in the world of being creative and expressing it in the form of words. But here I am -- I'm back. For today.

Have your heard of Pirq? It's this nice little app that allows you to find deals in your city. The nice part is that the deals are completely free! This morning my roommate/best friend and I scored free Emerald City Smoothies. All we had to do was commit to the deal and show it to the place that we were going. It is limited to the Seattle and San Fransisco area, but if you live there, you are in luck!

I'm currently trying to find a place to live once my lease is up at my current apartment. I believe I've finally decided to stay in my same complex, but just move into a much bigger apartment. Here is the floor plan. I'm excited to finally have made a decision. This is 953sf as opposed to my current 471sf apartment! Very excited!

Though my dream place would be here - located in Pioneer Square in Seattle! BEAUTIFUL lofts and apartments that I instantly fell in love with! Someday, someday. I actually took interest in them to find out the cost. They generally run from 523-1350 sqft for $1200-$2700. Utilities run from $50-$100 and Parking is wither $75 a block away or $150 in the Terry Denny Building. I was actually surprised and thought this to be pretty reasonable (not for my college budget though).

Imagine waking up to that view. Or walking out to the hustle and bustle of the busy Seattle life. Walking down to a local coffee shop or to the Sounders game... Wonderful!!

I did find this steal of a deal table tonight on Craigslist -- 70s Retro Dining Room Table for FREE! Kaile and Tim are not too happy about it, but I'm very excited to turn it into a DIY project. Paint the base and do some updates to make it more mod. You will see the before and after pics.... I will take a better picture later. This was the one on Craigslist. Right now, the table is crammed into my tiny apartment until we move...

Blessings and Goodnight local seattle-ites, friends around the world, and family close and far.

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