Monday, June 4, 2012

.I am Your Love.

What a fine Sunday it was! Yes - a little stressful at points - but overall pretty good! Day started with church at the City Church in Kirkland. Pastor Judah Smith talked about God's love and how we don't need to do anything to try and impress God in order to gain his love. What we think is impressive and takes us a life time, God could do in a second. Judah put it like this -- If you went golfing with Bubba Watson, there is no point in you trying to impress him. Because honestly, Bubba is one of the best golfers in the world, so you are probably not going to impress him. That is the same with God. We aren't going to impress Him. But when we have Christ in us, all God see's is his son -- and his son is the most impressive to him. That's how we find God's love - through his own love.

I finished Washington Plus America photos today! If interested in purchasing pageant photos, CD cost is $10. (

So change of news on the apartment -- so because Emerson apartments would not hold the apartment I wanted till the 14th, I've decided to keep looking because of cost reasons. I'm now looking at Hunter's Run Kirkland.The apartments are a lot nicer, remodeled, double pained windows, and I get a walk in closet! =)

As for now, laundry is done and I am ready for bed (also ready for my own washer and dryer in my apartment).

Blessings and Goodnight local seattle-ites, friends around the world, and family close and far.


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