Tuesday, June 5, 2012

.Eat How the French Do.

Snapshots of Today:
Today's Pirq Deal was Free Crazy Bread from Little Caesars! (don't mind our sweatiness and style -- we had just finished working out)

Rancheritos - I am so stinking excited that I found these today a Mexican Butcher shop/convenient store. These are my favorite! =)

I'm so excited to be working on a new project that will be going above my fireplace in my new apartment =) I will slowly reveal each part of the project... I've already cut all the pieces out of card stock, but here is the actual putting it together part! It was originally inspired by pinterest of course.

1)Pieces cut out

2) Gluing the pieces together

3) Wrapping the Wire in Floral tape, wrapping the wire in certain sports to be thicker, putting the pieces on, and shaping the pieces to the desired design.  The time consuming part

As I was wandering around on blog's today, I found a wonderful post by Joanna on A Cup of Joe. She talks about the book she completed called "French Kid's Eat Everything." I think this book would be beneficial to read when I have kid's someday. But even beyond that, the book seemed to point out several things even adults could apply.  Here are the 10 things the book summarizes:
I think the thing that shocked me most was the no snacking.  It seems contradicting to what many nutritionists say about eating -- you should eat 6 meals a day. I do tend to agree more with no snacking though. What are your thoughts on this list? Have you read the book?

I'm tired of these Seattle clouds. I'm ready to see some warm sunshine and let it shine through the windows and onto my Seattle skin.

Blessings and Goodnight local seattle-ites, friends around the world, and family close and far.

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