Thursday, June 14, 2012

J'aime, Paris!

Tim and I took a cooking class tonight at "Hipcooks" in Seattle. We absolutely loved it! (At least I know I did) It was his Christmas present, but we just now got around to doing it since both of us have such busy schedules. The staff was friendly, humorous, and very knowledgeable. I feel like I walked away learning skills that will take me past just learning this meal.

Tim picked a French class (of course) with the following menu:

  • Moulle (mussels) in wine, parsley, garlic
  • The most wonderful hearty Coq au Vin - with tarragon, grapes & bok choy 
  •  Tomato, white bean, green bean & basil salad
  • Pot de crème au chocolat

It taught us knife skills and allowed us to work hands on with making the meal - and best of all, we got to eat it. IT was wonderful!

I would highly recommend it!

Goodnight and sweet dreams on a full belly!


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