Thursday, January 28, 2010

.las cartas de Colombia.

 What a glorious day, today.

My car got taken to Action Towing to be fixed. I can't wait to get my baby back! I miss her! 

Funny story for the day. In AP Psychology we are talking about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Well were going to fill out a chart based on personal examples of the hierarchy of needs. As we began to work on the worksheet, I asked whether I could use the restroom. Well just as I touch the door handle Mr. Lee says 'hold on a second.' To the class he announces "Now Elizabeth needs to go to the bathroom. And she's going to go. What level is that on the Hierarchy?" The class responds with physiological. Mr. Lee responded with, "We'll ask you what your satisfaction level of this need was when you get back!" As I return to the classroom, that's exactly what they asked. Awkward? yes! Glad to be used as an example for the class. Anytime Mr. Lee. haha

Today I recieved a letter from Elizabeth - a girl my family and I sponsor who lives in Colombia. When I first started writing her, a tutor would write letters for her. I'm now getting letters written by herself! It's so cool to see how much my little girl has grown up.
She writes:

"I love you Elizabeth! I'm glad to write you again. How have you been? I was so glad to receive your letter. Know I will have holidays soon for the independence party in my town. We celevrate it in November 11th. I'm learnign to multiply by two digits in school, fast reading and punctuation symbols. I attend the church every day with my granny andmy little brother. I like singing praises. If you had faith as a mustard grain, the Lords said, you would tell a mountain to move away and the mountain will move."
"Elizabeth, what praises do you life? I love you so much. Please continue to pray for me as I will do it for you.
With love, "
Elizabeth Guerrero

What a beautiful young lady she's turning into. She's eight now. When I first started writing her, her Grandma wasn't saved. She now writes to tell me that her grandma's going to church with her! That's so exciting! I love that she loves to praise God. As she grows older, my want to meet this beautiful girl grows.

goodnight friends

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