Saturday, January 30, 2010

.learning lessons.

Today was....
-school: trying to push through senioritis. It's ok. I'm to much of a perfectionist to not get my homework and stuff done. But it sure takes me longer to do! haha
-recieved a package from chad that brightened my day! A "I <3 NU" shirt and a letter :)
-worked till 7
-came home and had cream cheese on Carmel rice crackers. yum! so delicious! My mom loves me and went out and bought cream cheese :)
-went to the girls basketball game. We won of course! Listened to Kristen bragging and being excited over the free coffee one of her crushes gave her at Dutch Bros. haha
-Went to the iPod Dance and hung out with Eileen, Jayanah, Kristin and Emily. Had fun! No real dirty dancing. Just for fun dance!
-Came home and busied myself with facebook
-cleaned my room
-Now for blogging
-Then to bed!

Today was filled with great things! But still had a few rough lessons in there. Learning I need to be push building my family relationships more. Take time to step away from my homework for a while. Sorry  guys...

Have a good weekend!

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